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Bulk Road Salt

Picture of Bulk Rock Salt by American Rock Salt

Looking to buy Bulk Road Salt  in Rochester NY, Ithaca NY and Western New York?  The Duke Company proudly carries Bulk Road Salt  available in convenient bags, pallets and in bulk.  

Road Salt, also known as Halite and  / or Rock Salt, is widely respected for its ice melting characteristics for roads, streets and highways.  Road Salt is comprised of Sodium Chloride (NaCl) and is noted for its isometric crystals.  Municipalities and Ice Control professionals rely on Road Salt to manage road ice through-out the Winter season.  As a result of Road Salt lowering the freezing point of water, road salt interacts with ice and creates a brine solution in a liquid form.  The brine liquid dislodges the ice so that snow plowing and effective snow shoveling can occur.

In some road conditions, municipalities and ice control companies will ask for a road salt and sand mixture, which increases tractions for vehicles both before and after a snow storm.

Bulk Road Salt, Rock Salt, Deicing & Snow Control Products – A to Z

The Duke Company proudly specializes in providing Ice & Snow Control Products to assist professional contractors, industrial customers and residential customers stay productive through-out the winder.  With an +A reputation for exceptional customer service, we offer prompt delivery, convenient drive-thru service, expert advice and tremendously valued products.

Looking to buy Bulk Road Salt in Bulk, by the Pallet or Bag in New York?

  • Bulk Road Salt is the Professionals Choice for Road Maintenance in Winter Conditions.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes including bulk, pallet and by the bag.
  • Proudly American Made!

Helpful Download Information

The Duke Company is proud to feature American rock – widely respected as a leader through-out the USA for its exceptional, 100% USA-made, Rock Salt (by American Rock Salt) and road salt products.

Road Salt is known as inorganic salt that appears in a Crystalline solid form.  Its color is white and / or off-white and it has no odor.  Please take note that Road Salt by American Rock Salt is in compliance with the Toxic Substance Control Act.

When handling Road Salt, please note that inhalation may cause mild irritation to one’s eyes, respiratory tract and skin.

About American Rock Salt

Widely respected within the United States by ice control professionals, American Rock Salt only sales salts that is mined within the United States of America.  The American Rock Salt mine is located in Hampton Corners, and located near Rochester, New York.  Creating hundreds of USA jobs, American Rock Salt was founded in 1997 by three visionaries – – Joseph Bucci, Gunther Buerman and Neil Cohen.  As a testimonial for their vision, American Rock Salt was the first successful road salt mine to be constructed in the United States since a mine was built in 1960.

American Rock Salt is committed to environmentally friendly operations and creating a safe environment for its team of valued employees.

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By David Szydlowski

You can Find David Szydlowski, Ice Control Division Manager at the Duke Company on Google+

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