Viper® VaporCheck® II | Duke Company

Viper® VaporCheck® II | Duke Company

Viper® VaporCheck® II


Viper® VaporCheck® II


Viper® VaporCheck® II is a multi-layer, extruded, HD virgin polyolefin under slab vapor barrier / retarder. The “virgin resin” used when manufacturing Viper VaporCheck II prevents material breakdown when exposed to the environment below the slab, thus lasting the lifetime of the building.

Viper VaporCheck II (Viper II) under-slab vapor barriers/retarders are manufactured using the latest generation of prime virgin (non-recycled) polyolefin resin. Viper II products are constructed in a multi-layer plastic extrusion process and engineered with physical properties that maintain long term performance. The multi-layer extrusion process creates an excellent balance of strength while highly restricting the transfer of water vapor. Viper II comes in a variety of thicknesses and offers premium protection against soil gas and water vapor diffusion through the concrete slab.

Viper VaporCheck II (Viper II) is uniquely manufactured to incorporate superior resistance against punctures, tears and water vapor. With these properties, Viper II creates a monolithic barrier between the concrete slab and the soil that is virtually impervious to water vapor and soil gases. Most importantly Viper II maintains these properties (long term) thus performing and lasting the lifetime of the building. Viper II helps by presenting all parties involved with an inexpensive insurance policy against costly building liabilities associated with water vapor migration through concrete slabs.

Construction Specification Institute Categories: Viper II Catalog
– CSI Division 3: Concrete
– CSI Division 7: Thermal & Moisture Protection

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