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Atlas Copco Post Drivers Accessories

Atlas Copco Guide Adapter Solid Adaptor
Atlas Copco Handheld Hydraulic Equipment

The Atlas Copco Handheld Hydraulic Equipment and accessories are available in Ithaca NY, Rochester NY, and Upstate NY from the Duke Company.

Hydraulics lets you do more in less time. It allows tools to hit harder with less vibration and noise. It’s compact, quiet and appears to vibrate less than electric and pneumatic tools. Hydraulic oil is a powerful energy transmitter.

  • A nine horsepower power pack delivers the same power at the tool tip as a 20 horsepower diesel compressor engine.
  • The energy efficient power packs are small enough to fit on a shelf or in a service van. Two people can carry the power pack with ease.


Tools for every job:


Post Drivers

Guide Adaptors for LPD HD-T & LPD HD-RV

shape description number
Rectangular For IPE/Sigma/C 4 in beams 3371 8060 45
Rectangular For IPE/C 4 ¾ in beams 3371 8060 46
Round For 2 1/2 in tubes and 2 ¾ – 3 in poles 3371 8060 47
Round For 3” tubes and 3 – 4 in poles 3371 8060 48
Round For 3 1/2” tubes and 3.74 – 3.94 in poles 3371 8060 49
Round For 4” tubes and 4 – 4 ½ in poles 3371 8060 50
Round For 5” tubes and 5 – 5 ½  in poles 3371 8060 51



Solid Adaptors for LPD-HD-T & LPD-HD-RV

shape description part number
Round For 6” tubes and 5 ½ in poles 3371 8060 52


Round For 5 ½-5 ¾ in tubes 3371 8060 53
Round For 4 – 4 ½ in tubes 3371 8060 54
Round For 6 in poles 3371 8060 55



Adaptors for LPD-LD-T *

shape post/ profil dimension part number
Round 5/8 in 3371 8060 56
Round 1 in 3371 8060 57
Round 2 ½ in 3371 8060 58
T post adapter  2 1/8 in ID 9753 2490 00



Adaptors for LPD-T & LPD-RV *

shape post/ profil dimension part number
Universal 2 ½ 3371 8060 33
Round 3 ¾ in 3371 8060 34
Round 4 in 3371 8060 60
Square 2 in 3371 8060 32
T post adapter 2 1/8 in 9753 2310 41
Female round cap 3 ¾ x 3 ½ in 9246 0208 45
Male cap for hollow post 3 ¾ x 2 ½ in 9246 0205 78



For the best customer service and fastest delivery in Upstate New York, call the Duke Company at (585) 292-9870 (Rochester NY) and (607) 347-4455 (Ithaca / Seneca NY).

Or we can give you a quick quote via our web portal.

*Please note, subject to equipment availability and seasonal demands, specific makes and models of rental equipment may not be available for rent or sale.  The Duke Company will make every attempt to equip you with the right rental equipment and tools that will enable you to accomplish your project goals.  Please contact the Duke Company in Rochester at (585) 292-9870 and Ithaca at (607) 347-4455 to check for the latest availability.


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