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Buy EnvironMelt in Ithaca, Rochester and Upstate NY

Are you looking to buy EnvironMelt in Ithaca, Rochester or Upstate NY?

The leaves have begun to turn, the nights are a bit cooler in New York, and it’s time to start considering the packaged ice melt that you are going to use this Winter.  .

The Duke Company has you covered with your snow and ice removal needs including the most environmentally friendly products when you need them.  We provide expert advice and information, exceptional pricing, along with an extensive catalog including deicers, rock salt, equipment and snow plow accessories.

We can promptly supply you with EnvironMelt Ice Melt in bulk, wholesale, pallets and convenient 50 pound bags. EnvironMelt Ice Melt is widely respected by Ice Control experts for its exceptional characteristics including:

EnvironMelt Ice Melt Product Description

  • Widely respected as THE Green Solution.
  • Advanced formulated ice melter with CMA (Calcium Magnesium Acetate) for exceptional melting characteristics.
  • Renown for being not as harmful to landscaping vegetation including grass, trees and shrubs.
  • Concerned about Children and Pets?  EnvironMelt is less harmful to children and pets than many competing products.
  • Advanced engineering enables EnvironMelt to form a protective coating on the surface which provides an essential layer of corrosion protection for concrete and wood.
  • Exceptional care taken in formulating to result in less tracking problems and residue problems when used according to manufacturer instructions.
  • EnvironMelt Ice Melt is manufactured by the Kissner Group, a leading manufacturer of advanced ice melters and de-icing products in North America.

(Enviromelt Ice Melt is manufactured by the Kissner Group)

Download MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet for ENVIRONMELT

Download Environmelt Ingredient Information and Product Information

About the Duke Company

Since 2004, the Duke Company has proudly been serving Ice Control professionals throughout New York state with exceptional pricing, outstanding ice melter products, prompt delivery and outstanding customer service.

The Duke Company ships nationwide and throughout New York including:

Call the Duke Company at 585-292-9870 (Rochester NY) and 607-347-4455 (Ithaca NY) for all your snow and ice removal needs and information regarding ice melt and deicers, heater rentals and snow plow accessories.

Sign-up for the Duke Company’s Rock Salt & Deicer Alerts

Text ‘DUKESALT’ to 55469 to receive text messages regarding our hours, extended hours, schedule changes and discount opportunities.

By David Szydlowski

Rent a Toro Dingo in Rochester, Ithaca and Western New York to Dig, Haul & Plant with Greater Productivity

Looking to Rent a Toro Dingo to Dig, Haul and Plant with Greater Efficiency?

Professional contractors  frequently ask us for the Duke Company’s recommendations for renting tree care equipment in Rochester NY and Ithaca NY, that withstand heavy duty use in landscaping applications when digging, hauling and planting.

The Duke Company proudly carries professional grade, Toro Dingo rental equipment that is renown for the wide range of attachments to greatly enhance the productivity of your crew.

What Rental Attachments Are Available with Toro Dingo Equipment Rental?

When you rent a Toro Dingo, your crew will be greatly appreciate the range of attachments compatible with this durable and well-powered machine, including:

Delivery & Pick-Up for Toro Dingo Rental Equipment in Western New York

Our expert team of rental professionals can assist you with expert advice, prompt delivery and convenient pick-up through-out Western New York.

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