Striker Hydraulic Breakers Rental Equipment and New Equipment Sales

Striker Hydraulic Breakers

The Duke Company is proud to feature Striker Hydraulic Breakers as a featured rental equipment supplier and new equipment supplier.  We apply rigorous quality standards before accepting any piece of equipment into our rental fleet.  Striker Hydraulic Breakers vastly exceed industry standards are renown for manufacturing hydraulic breakers that are durable, powerful, efficient, and reliable.

Striker Hydraulic Breaker - 6710 pounds

Featured Products:

  • 100 foot pound breakers (TNB-08M)
  • 150 foot pound breaker (TNB – 1M)
  • 250 foot pound breakter (TNB – 2M)
  • 350 foot pound breaker (TNB – 3MB)
  • 550 foot pound breaker (TNB – 4M)
  • 825 foot pound breaker (TNB – 5M)
  • 1000 foot pound breaker (TNB – 6M)
  • 1500 foot pound breaker (TNB – 6E)
  • 2000 foot pound breaker (TNB – 7E)
  • 3000 foot pound breaker (TNB – 100)
  • 3500 foot pound breaker (TNB – 141LU)
  • 4500 foot pound breaker (TNB – 151LU)
  • 5500 foot pound breaker (TNB – 190LU)
  • 7500 foot pound breaker (TNB – 230LU)
  • 10,000 foot pound breaker (TNB – 310LU)
  • 12,000 foot pound breaker (TNB-400LU)

These breakers are known for exceptional quality.  Notable manufacturing processes include vertical integration for +95% of the components, highest quality steel, rigorous quality control and testing that meet  Six Sigma standards.


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