Bulk Rock Salt Hours for the Duke Company Salt Barn in Upstate NY & Rochester NY are:

  • Saturday, December 13:   5 a.m. – Noon EST
  • Sunday, December 14:  CLOSED
  • Monday, December 15 – December 19:  5 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST Daily
  • Our hours will be adjusted for weather events.

For immediate assistance and a prompt delivery quote for bulk rock salt and bagged deicers, please call 585-292-9870.  We can arrange delivery by the pallet, ton, truck-load or in bulk, through-out New York State.

For a complete range of snow plow accessories, call 607-347-4455.

Sign-up for the Duke Company’s Salt Alerts

  • Text ‘DUKESALT’ to 55469 to receive text messages regarding our hours, extended hours, schedule changes and discount opportunities.

For a complete list of our Ice Control, Deicing, Bagged Salt & Snow Plowing Accessories, visit Rock Salt & Ice Control HQ.

By Luke Rotunno.  You can Find Luke Rotunno on Google +