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Buy DOW Styrofoam Scoreboard in Rochester NYIthaca NY and Buffalo NY from the Duke Company – a leading building materials and equipment rental company in Western NY.  One stop shop for outstanding service, prompt delivery and competitive prices. for professional contractors.

DOW Styrofoam Insulation Products from A to Z

DOW STYROFOAM insulation products are renown for improving energy efficiency, weatherizing & controlling moisture for a range of building applications including roofing, exterior wall applications, geotechnical applications, interior wall applications, and cavity wall applications.  DOW STYROFOAM Scoreboard is renown for exceptional quality, and is precut for contractor efficiency into 16 inch and 24 inch panels, that can be scored, to easily break- them apart.

Building Code Compliance for DOW SCOREBOARD

DOW SCOREBOARD complies with a range of building codes including ASTM C578, type 4; California Standard Regulation #CA To64, and Florida Building Code FL 3825.

Buy DOW STYROFOAM and PERIMATE from A to Z in Rochester, Ithaca & Buffalo NY

The Duke Company sells DOW STRYROFOAM and PERIMATE Insulation from A to Z for commercial and residential projects including:


Click below to download the DOW SCOREBOARD MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

Helpful Specifications on DOW SCOREBOARD

Thickness and R Value

  • .75 inches:  3.8 R Value
  • 1 inch:  5 R Value
  • 1.5 inches:  7.5 R Value
  • 2 inches:  10 R Value
  • 2.5 inches:  12.5 R Value
  • 3 inches:  15 R Value

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