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Looking to buy Erosion Control blankets in Rochester NY and Ithaca NY?  Best prices, prompt delivery and outstanding service from the Duke Company – Western NY’s one stop shop for Geotextiles, Building Supplies and rental equipment.


The Duke Company is proud to distribute the complete range of outstanding Hanes Geo Erosion Control Blankets and Matts including:

Picture of Hanes Geo LogoErosion control blankets and mats are essential for proper erosion control and to protect your job site against rainfall and fun-off.  Biodegradable, and available in rolls, Hanes Geo Erosion Control blankets are highly engineered to diminish the loss of seeds, dirt, vegetation and landscaping.

In selecting Erosion Control Blankets and Mats, be sure to ask the Duke Company’s building product experts about which Hanes Geo product is best suited for your application with respect to your grade requirements, thread type, flow velocity and flow depth.

Helpful Specification Information on Hanes Geo Erosion Control Mats 

Weight / Yard

Netting Sides


Slope Angle

Thread Type

Flow Velocity

Flow Depth

TerraGuard DC Double Net  .64 Lbs. 2 Ch.


2:1 + U.V. Stabilized 12 FPS 6 “
TerraGuard DSC Double Net  .6 Lbs. 2 Ch.


2:1+ Degradable 10 FPS 6 “
TerraGuard DS  .5 Lbs. 2 Ch.


2:1 Degradable 8 FPS 6 “
TerraGuard SS  .5 Lbs. 1 Ch.


3:1 Degradable 6 FPS 4 “

TerraGuard DC Double Net Coconut erosion control blankets are the top end of professional requirements and capable of handling a flow velocity of 12 feet per second, and a flow depth of 6 inches.

TerraGuard SS erosion control blankets are designed for less severe conditions and are capable of handling a flow velocity of 6 feet per second, and a flow depth of 4 inches.

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