Buy HB Adjustable Joint Reinforcements in Western New York

Looking to buy HB Adjustable Joint Reinforcements in Western New York?  The Duke Company is Western NY’s one-stop shop for the complete range of HB Adjustable Joint Reinforcements by Hohmann & Barnard.  For expert advice, the fastest delivery & competitive prices, call 585-29-9870 (Rochester NY) and 607-347-4455.

The Duke Company’s Selection of  Hohmann & Barnard products includes:

  • Lox-All Truss & Ladder Reinforcement
  • Adjustable Reinforcement Systems
  • Veneer Anchor Systems
  • Column and Beam Anchors
  • Column and Weld-On Ties
  • Brick Veneer Anchor
  • Self-Drilling / Self-Tapping Screws
  • Seismic Veneer Anchors
  • Gripstay Anchor Systems
  • Wall Ties and Anchors
  • PTA Series Partition Top Anchors
  • Concrete Inserts
  • Sharktooth & CSH Inserts
  • Concealed Lintel Systems for Brickwork
  • Specialty Laser Cutting
  • Stone Anchors & Accessories

History of Innovation & Technology with HB Adjustable Joint Reinforcements

Hohmann & Barnard, a leader in adjustable reinforcements for over 81 years, provides insights on how the development of adjustable joint reinforcements solved many problems from “standard joint reinforcement across multi-wythe walls”.

For example, prior to adjustable joint reinforcements, the “joint reinforcement in the interior wall would project out of the all for weeks or months” creating not only a safety hazard for construction crews, but the “wire would often get disfigured” which could have the harmful affect of “cracking its protective zinc coating”.  The resulting impact of undermine the optimal structural integrity of the exterior and interior walls.

Hohmann & Barnard played a substantial role in making the ‘Hook-and-Eye’ adjustable reinforcement into an industry standard that solved the problem of joint reinforcements, and enabled the “independent construction of interior & exterior walls”.

Since its inception, HB has continued a culture of innovation that has resulted in ever-improved adjustable joint reinforcements including the Db’l Look-Lok system that has become today’s industry standard.

The Hohmann & Barnard ‘loop’ design has resulted in several performance advantages including:

  • “In-plane vertical and horizontal movement of masonry wythes” which results in restraint of both movement and tension.
  • Loops are welded in a closed position, which increases tolerance and structural integrity.
  • “100% protection against separation of wire tie from reinforcement”.

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