Picture of Concrete Power Trowel Rental in Rochester and Ithaca NY

Looking to rent a Concrete Power Trowel in Rochester, Ithaca or Western NY?  Prompt delivery, convenient pick-up, excellent equipment & competitive rental rates from The Duke Company.

The Duke Company rents a wide-range of advanced MQ Whiteman walk-behind and ride-on trowels for concrete finishing.  For Professional Concrete Contractors, we rent the heavy duty trowels that you need for high speed burnishing, remove the high spots, and fill in low areas on concrete slab surfaces.

Rental Equipment Highlights:  

Walk-Behind Power Trowels

  • Ergonomic Throttle Controls
  • Anti-Vibratin Handles for Operator Comport
  • Height Adjustable Handlebars
  • Optimal Balance for Smooth Finishing
  • Quick Pitch Handles to Adjust to Rapidly Changing Concrete Conditions
  • Infinite Blade Pitch Control

Ride-On Concrete Trowels

  • Hydrostatic Ride-On Trowels
  • SmartPitch and Power Management technology
  • Ergonomic Seat to Reduce Operator Discomfort
  • Excellent Operator Visibility
  • Proportional Hydraulic Steering
  • Excellent Blade Contact for Fast Finishing and Superior Maneuverability

Helpful Power Trowel Rental Information

Walk Behind Concrete Trowel Rental Highlights

Ride On Concrete Trowel Rentals

Specifications on MQ Whiteman Concrete Power Trowels

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