Doka Frami Xlife Concrete Forms Utilization and the Duke Company

The Duke Company now caries Frami Xlife concrete forms by DokaThe Frami Xlife panels are known for high-performance, safety and workplace accessories. The panels are lightweight and easy to handle. They can be quickly erected with or without a crane. Its modular design accommodates a variety of job site conditions.

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The Doka Frami Xlife concrete forms utilization

Corners and pilasters

The corner solutions are based on the strong, torsion-proof Frami inside corner. The Frami outside corner is an easy and pproblem free way of forming corners in narrow trench situations or where large wall thicknesses are called for.


The Framax stripping corner is compatible to the Frami, making stripping a core a snap. Just a simple ratchet action in each corner and all is ready to be set into the next floor.

Frami ties

Frami uses a lightweight high strength taper tie 1″- 3/4″ with 5/8″ ends. It combines the advantages of the taper tie with the convenience of the Doka Super plate, only one size and only one piece for each side. She bolts are also available when inner units with water stop are required.
Frami safety tie off handles

The Frami safety tie off handles meet the OSHA requirements.

Form up to 9′ with one panel

On this residential building, Frami is used to form 9 ft. high basement walls.

Can be used for columns

  • Form up to 36″ square columns
  • Only one size panel width is required to form columns of any dimension in 2″ increments.
  • Saves time and labor storing, sorting and finding various width panels

Useful Information for Doka Frami Xlife:

Foundation formwork Frami Xlife

Circular formwork Frami Xlife

Frami lifting hook (1999 models onward)

Frami transport hook 2009 models onward

Frami lifting operating instructions


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