Ground Thawing and Ground Heater Rental in Upstate NY

Powerful Ground Thawing and Ground Heater Rentals in a range of sizes are available for rent in Upstate NY.  Call for an accurate quote, professional grade heaters, best prices & fast delivery.

Ground Thawing & Ground Heaters – Available for Rent

Renting Ground Thawing Heaters and Ground Heaters enables your crew to keep up and running during the Winter Season ahead.  To effectively heat the ground, spread the heating coil loops through-out the surface area that needs to be heated (by example, the HeatKing HK500 can thaw up to 11,000 square feet of surface).  On the hoses are evenly distributed, cover the hoses with heavy duty poly vapor barriers and insulating blankets.  By doing so, heat is directed towards the ground.  Ground Heaters work by heating propylene glycol, an environmentally friendly chemical, to approximately 180 degrees Fahrenheit.  Glycol is pumped through the hoses, which rapidly heat up to one foot of frozen ground per day.

The Duke Company rents a range of outstanding ground thawing and ground heaters from Quest, DRYAIUR, Heat King and Wacker Neuson.  Our expert Winter Heat team would be glad to assist you in determining which rental heater is best suited for your application.

  • Ground Heaters are capable of quickly thawing ground from 2,8000 square feet to 11,200 square feet.
  • Concrete Curing Capacity ranges from 5,600 square feet to 22,400 square feet.

Heat King Rental Heaters

Wacker Neuson Rental Heaters

Helpful Download Information on Heat King Ground Heaters

Fastest Delivery of Rental Heaters in Upstate NY

When you need heat, the Duke Company responds fast to our rental customers.  Whether your rental needs are by the day, week or month, our Winter Heat Rental team delivers fast.  Our dedicated trucking fleet delivers through-out Upstate NY including Arcadia NYBuffalo NYChemung County NYCortland County NYHorseheads NYPerinton NY and Seneca NY.

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