The Duke Company is proud to carry SpecChem products including IntraCon. IntraCon is a crystalline waterproofing Material.IntraCon is a cement-based, crystalline waterproofing material used to waterproof, protect, and repair above grade and below-grade concrete.IntraCon (integral crystalline waterproofing admix) is added to the concrete mix at the time of batching.IntraCon’s unique formulation prevents liquid penetration by creating a nonsoluble physical barrier over the concrete. IntraCon is recommended for any concrete structure, especially foundations,swimming pools ,underground structures,Pre-Cast, Cast-in-Place and Shotcrete applications.

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  • Waterproofs interior, exterior, above & below grade masonry & concrete surfaces.
  • Deeply penetrates to seal pores, capillaries, and shrinkage cracks.
  • Resists toxic chemicals and hydrostatic pressure.
  • Applicable to positive or negative side of concrete.
  • Becomes an integral part of the concrete
  • Added to the concrete at time of batching and therefore is not subject to climatic restraints.
  • Non-toxic (NSF 61 certified for potable water applications)



Surface Preparation: The surface must be structurally sound, clean and free of dirt, release agent, efflorescence,curing compounds, laitance, and other contaminates.Remove form marks and other protrusions to prevent “show through”. Surface must have an open capillary system to provide grip for the IntraCon. If concrete has a smooth finish sandblasting is recommended to lightly roughen the concrete surface. Repair all surface defects with IntraCon mixed to a mortar consistency.Allow to dry for 10 minutes. IntraCon requires a water saturated surface during application. Wet concrete surface thoroughly with potable water, and remove excess water (ponding) before IntraCon is applied. It is essential that the concrete surface does not dry before IntraCon is applied if concrete surface does dry rewet the area.

Mixing: Mix IntraCon with potable water to reach a thin cake batter consistency. Recommended ratios for brush application is 5 parts powder to 2 parts water. For spray application use 5 parts powder to 3 parts water. IntraCon needs to be applied within 20 minutes after mixing. For patching or repair applications use 19% of water/50 lbs bag of IntraCon results.

Admixing:IntraCon must be added to the concrete at the time of batching . Dosage Rate: 1.7-2.0% by weight of cement.

Ready Mix Plant -Dry Batch Operation: Add IntraCon in powder form to the drum of the ready-mix truck. Drive the truck under the batch plant and add 60% – 70% of the required water along with 300-500 lbs (136-227 kg) of aggregate. Mix the materials for 2-3 minutes to ensure the IntraCon is distributed evenly throughout the mix water. Add the balance of materials to the ready-mix truck in accordance with standard batching practices.

Ready Mix Plant-Central Mix Operation: Mix IntraCon with water to form a very thin slurry (e.g. 50 lbs (22.7 kg) of powder mixed with 7 gallons (26.5 l) of water). Pour the required amount of material into the drum of the ready-mix truck. The aggregate, cement and water should be batched and mixed in the plant in accordance with standard practices (taking into account the quantity of water that has already been placed in the ready-mix truck). Pour the concrete into the truck and mix for at least 5 minutes to ensure even distribution of IntraCon throughout the concrete.

Placement: If IntraCon is being applied by a hand brush or broom make sure Nylon bristles are used. Apply a thin uniform thick coating no thicker than 1/16th of an inch. If the project requires a second coat of IntraCon wait until the first coat has set before applying the second. A second coat should not be applied after a time period of 2 days. IntraCon should not be applied in rainy or cold conditions (below 40°F).

Application: A fine tip sprayer should be used to lightly wet the surface of the IntraCon once it has set. Typically the surface should be wetted with water multiple times a day. In cases of high temperatures, winds and low humidity more applications will be necessary. IntraCon must be protected from weather and cold subzero temperatures as during the first 48 hours. No covering should be in contact with the surface of the IntraCon during this time as well. If the structure is used to retain a liquid a curing length of 3 days is required and two weeks should pass before the structure is required to hold liquid.



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IntraCon is packaged in:

  • 50lb pails
  • 50 lb bags.

The Duke Company
 can assist you with your construction needs. We offer expert advice from our highly rated customer service. Furthermore, we offer the best values and fast delivery.


Quote for Rock Salt & Packaged Ice Melts from the Duke Company         

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