In need for a powerful Tent Heater & Heater Trailer? Rent the Flagro FVO 1000TR from the Duke Company?

The Duke Company rents a variety of outstanding construction heaters including the powerful tent heater & trailer rental – the Flagro FVO 1000TR.  This powerful heater rental can provide you with portable heat for a wide range of commercial, residential and outdoor functions.

For more information: call 585-292-9870 ((Rochester NY) & 607-347-4455 (Ithaca NY). We promise A+ service, best value and the fastest delivery.


  • Indirect Heater
  • Equipped with 2 Flagro FVO-400 indirect heater machines.
  • Duct Outlets:  available with 4 x 12″ or 2 x 16″.
  • Durable trailer mounted heater.
  • Engine:  equipped with powerful Yanmar / Kubota diesel engines.
  • Starter:  reliable electric start feature.
  • Fuel consumption:  1.08 gallons per hour at full load.
  • Run time:  the heaters have a 44 hour run time before adding fuel is necessary.
  • Generator:  equipped with 8kw generator @1,800 RPM.  The generator is a single phase, 120v.
  • Tool outlet:  equipped with one 15 amp GFI outlet.
  • Fuel:  tank is capable of holding 290 gallons.
  • Length:  16 feet.
  • Width:  7 feet, 4 inches.
  • Height:  6 feet.
  • Weight:  4,000 pounds when empty.
  • Trailer:  DOT approved.

Download Helpful Information for the Flagro FVO 1000TR

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By David Szydlowski