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Looking to buy or rent concrete forming systems and accessories?  The Duke Company carries a complete line of solutions from Doka and Symons for the fast forming of concrete walls, cores, foundations and columns.

Doka and Symons concrete forming solutions from The Duke Company offer tremendous productivity and safety benefits.  Highlights of each are noted below.

The Duke Company - Doka Frami:  Handset and Gangset

Doka Frami:  Handset and Gangset

  • Frami Xlife is a complete formwork system for walls, columns and footings.  Frami Xlife panels are lightweight and easy to handle, so they can be erected very quickly by hand, without the use of a crane. On sites with a crane, it is also possible to lift several panels at a time, in a gang-form. The ingenious modular design makes for optimum adaptability to all job site conditions.
  • Modular design provides your crew with unlimited possible combinations, in both width and height.

  • Use the panels either upright or horizontal, and the 6″ increment together with the steel fillers (2″, 1 ½”, 1″) gives you optimum adaptability of the formwork to the dimensions of the structure, at all times.

  • Utilization benefits:
    • Quick Panel Connection:  Save time in assembly with only 3 lightweight Frami clamps per 9 ft. verical join. Just one blow with a hammer and the panels are joined and aligned.
    • Corners & Pilasters:  The corner solutions are based on the strong, torsion-proof Frami inside corner. The Frami ouside corner is an easy and problem free way of forming corners in narrow trench situations or where large wall thicknesses are called for.
    • Cores:  he Framax stripping ocrner is compatible to the Frami Xlife, making stripping a core a snap. Just a simple ratchet action in each corner and all is ready to be set into the next floor.
    • Frami Ties:  Frami Xlife uses a lightweight high strength taper tie 1″ – 3/4″ with 5/8″ ends. It combines the advantages of the taper tie with convenience of the Doka super plate, only one size and only one piece for each side. The bolts are also available when inner units with water stop are required.

Symons Handset Forms at The Duke Company in Upstate NY

Symons Handset Forms

  • Symons® brand of forming systems have a tremendous reputation for concrete forming around the globe.  From the world-class Steel-Ply® and Sym-Ply® handset systems to the Max-A-Form® heavy and custom system, Symons can be found behind some of the most iconic structures on the planet.
  • Steel-Ply, by Symons, is the most productive, pre-engineered, reusable, factory-built concrete forming system in use today.  It is designed for maximum versatility and can be used to form virtually any concrete structure.
    • 1000 psf allowable pressure
    • Every panel and filler is made in the USA by Union employees
    • 1/2″ HDO plywood gives a great concrete appearance
    • No special tools required – just a carpenter’s hammer
    • The same form can be handset or gangformed
    • Only one type of connecting hardware is required – Wedge Bolts
    • Has been the most popular concrete forming system in the USA for over 50 years
    • Reface the forms with our special replacement 1/2″ HDO or Birch plywood

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