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Looking to buy Speed Dowels by Sika?  The Duke Company carries the complete line of Sika’s Slip Dowel Installation System for Slabs-On-Ground.

Sika’s Speed Dowel® system is the Pro’s go-to-solution and provides a practical dowel alignment method for transferring loads across, and managing stresses within concrete slab-on-ground joints.

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Benefits of Speed Dowels by Sika:

  • Reduced installation time vs. conventional doweling method
  • Eliminates need for greasing dowel
  • Ensures proper dowel alignment

Sika Speed Dowels for Round and Square Dowels - The Duke Company

Proven Results – Sika Speed Dowels

Tested by construction pros for over 20 years, Speed Dowel® is the construction professional’s choice for round and square dowel installations for a range of commercial and industrial customers, such as:

  • Warehouse / Distribution Centers • Big Box Stores
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Commercial / Industrial Complexes
  • Entertainment Centers
  • Recreational Complexes Parking Facilities

Time Saving 3 Step Installation for Speed Dowels by Sika - The Duke Company - Upstate and Western NY Professional Building Supplies

Time Saving 3 Step Installation for Speed Dowels by Sika

  1. Attach Speed Dowel base to form and tap sleeve onto the base.
  2. Place first concrete pour.
  3. Strip form and insert uncreased dowel into the Speed Dowel sleeve.

Sika Speed Dowel offers a range of solutions for Round and Square Dowels including 9″ and 12″ sleeve lengths.

Time Saving 3 Step Installation for Speed Dowels by Sika - The Duke Company

Sika Speed Load for Expansion Joints

Sika Speed Load is a single component dowel sleeve for use in expansion joints. Sika Speed Load passes through pre-drilled expansion boards and has a self-locking design to securely position and align round dowels for positive load transfer. Sika Speed Load is featured above with Sika’s Polypropylene Expansion Board.

Sika Speed Plate | Plate Dowel System

Sika Speed Plates offer Pros superior performance and lower costs.

  • Larger steel plates provide greater overall surface area to reduce bearing stresses on concrete.
  • Non-Tapered plate profile ensures consistent bearing stresses at joint face and full depth of dowel.
  • Engineered to provide optimal use of steel.
  • Integral, patented sleeve insert eliminates lateral restraint between concrete sections.
  • A doweling method in accordance with:
    • ACI 302 Guide for Concrete Floor and Slab Construction • ACI 330 Guide for the Design & Construction of Concrete Parking Lots.
    • ACI 360 Design of Slabs-on-Ground.
  • One-Piece Design with alignment marks and preinstalled nails makes installation quick and easy.
  • Ensures proper dowel alignment at a construction joint.
  • Save labor:
    • No form drilling required.
    • No greasing, spinning, removing, or replacing of dowels.

Sika’s Speed Plate® system reduces the number of dowels required when compared with conventional doweling systems. Speed Plate® allows the installer to increase the center distance between dowels, further reducing labor and material costs.

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