The Duke Company - Looking for Waterstop Systems for Concrete Structures? Sika Greenstreak Waterstops are the PRO Go-To Solution!






Looking to buy Sika Greenstreak Waterstops to keep water in or out of structures?  The Duke Company carries a complete line of Sika Greenstreak Waterstop solutions including PVC Waterstops, Chemical Resistant Waterstops, Surface Applied Waterstops, Hydraulic Swelling Waterstops, Non-swelling Gasket Waterstops, Injectable Waterstops and Accessories.

Concrete structures remain watertight because of the waterstops that join them. Construction pros use water tops to keep water treatment plants, reservoirs, locks, dams, and more watertight!. When selecting a waterstops, The Duke Company can assist you in assessing joint types, joint movement, hydrostatic pressure and chemical exposure. The Duke Company is proud to carry Sika’s Greenstreak Waterstops, offering the industry’s most comprehensive line of waterstops for Construction Pros

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Helpful Information:  Choosing the Right Waterstop?

Designed to be embedded in concrete, across and/or along the joint, waterstops form a watertight diaphragm that prevents the passage of water, or other liquids through the joint.

There are a variety of water stop olutions across all categories of applications including:

  • Water/Waste Water Treatment Plants ́ Lock and Dam Systems
  • Reservoirs and Aqueducts
  • Flood Walls
  • Retaining Walls
  • Foundations
  • Tunnels and Culverts
  • Bridge Abutments
  • Containment Structures and Tanks ́ Slabs-on-Ground

Suggested Waterstop Design Checklist

  • Verify chemical containment requirements, if any
  • Verify hydrostatic head pressure requirements
  • Determine joint type and joint movement requirements
  • Specify material type for best water sealing performance
  • Specify profile and size (by product number, if possible)
  • Verify joinery details of dissimilar or asymmetric waterstop profiles, if any (consider using one profile throughout to simplify intersections)
  • Specify factory fabrications and fittings for transitions and intersections
  • Specify appropriate method for securing waterstop in position (see Sika® Greenstreak® CSI-formatted product specifications for additional guidance)

Need assistance specifying Sika® Greenstreak® waterstops?  The Duke Company team would be glad to assist you.

The Duke Company - About Sika® Greenstreak® PVC Waterstops

About Sika® Greenstreak® PVC Waterstops

Sika® Greenstreak® provides you with the highest quality and most specified waterstop brand on the market. Sika® Greenstreak®’s PVC waterstop has always been made from a proprietary formula that is self-compounded and only produced from prime virgin materials.

PVC is the industry standard for flexible waterstops, which are typically embedded across and along the joint. PVC is the most versatile waterstop material, offering the broadest design selection and is accepted under the ACI 350 “Code Requirements for Environmental Engineering Concrete Structures”. It has great inherent elasticity and is resistant to many waterborne chemicals. It will not discolor concrete or produce electrolytic action.

Physical Properties of Sika Greenstreak PVC Waterstops

Property Test Value
Water absorption ASTM D570 0.15% max.
Tear resistance ASTM D624 300 lb/in min.
Ultimate elongation ASTM D638 350% min.
Tensile strength ASTM D638 2000 psi min.
Low temperature brittleness ASTM D746 Passes @ -35°F / -37°C
Stiffness in flexure ASTM D747 700 psi min.
Specific gravity ASTM D792 1.38 max.
Hardness Shore A15 ASTM D2240 79±3
Accelerated extraction
-Tensile strength Corps of Engineers

CRD-C 572

1600 psi min.
-Elongation 300% min.
Effect of Alkali
-Weight change +0.25% -0.10%
-Hardness change +/-5 points

Chemical Resistant Waterstops by Westec - The Duke Company

About Chemical Resistant Waterstops by Westec

Sika has a variety of chemical resistant waterstop produced by Westec. Westec was established in 1994 to address a specific need in the industrial construction industry: chemical resistant waterstop and related products for secondary containment areas.  Westec has pioneered products and technologies for sealing secondary containment structures required in the petro-chemical and industrial facilities.

About Surface-Applied Waterstops - Sika Dilatec Sealing Systems - The Duke Company

About Surface-Applied Waterstops

The Advantage of Sika Surface-Applied Waterstops (Dilatec Sealing Systems) include:

  • Weather and water resistant
  • Combination of Sika® Dilatec® tapes possible
  • All kinds of junctions can be welded with hot-air guns on site
  • Can absorb high joint movements
  • Bitumen-resistant
  • Root and UV resistant
  • Can be welded to PVC membranes
  • Performs well over a wide temperature range

The Duke Company offers Sika’s full-line of surface applied water stop for sealing movement joints, construction joints and waterproofing membranes.

  • Bridges:  Sika® Dilatec® allows elastic bridging and sealing of construction and movement joints to protect the bridge construction (reinforcement and others).
  • Roofs:  Sika® Dilatec® ensures waterproof jointing of and to roofing systems (bitumen and PVC sheet waterproofing membranes), perimeter edges, roof lights and domes.
  • Open Cut Tunnels and Underground Engineering

Sika® Dilatec® offers the complete sealing system of ends and overlaps to concrete, bitumen sheet waterproofing membranes and PVC sheet waterproofing membranes.

Hydraullic Swelling Waterstops - Sika - The Duke Company

Hydraulic Swelling Waterstops

The Duke Company carries a variety of Sika hydrophilic waterstops with a proven track record for being high quality and a cost effective solution for water containment needs. These products may be used for various applications where you need to keep water in or out.

Sika Non Swelling Gasket Waterstops - The Duke Company

Non-Swelling Gasket Waterstops

Sika Lockstop single-component, self-sealing mastic waterstop prevents moisture from penetrating NON-MOVING joints in concrete construction.  Sika’s non-swelling gasket water stops are fast and easy to install in all working temperatures, and requires no special labor skills. Lockstop provides a lasting, watertight bond to concrete surfaces.

Advantages of Sika’s Non-Swelling Gasket Waterstops

  •  Easy to Install – Lockstop requires no special labor skills.
  • Available in Rolls – Speeds installation and minimizes splicing.
  • Quality Assurance – Proper installation provides specifier with greater quality assurance.
  • Lower Material Costs – Lockstop self adheres to Lockstop Primer Adhesive without metal fasteners, rings or wire ties.
  • Applies in Any Weather – Lockstop is quickly applied under most temperature conditions.
  • Flexible – Stays tacky in concrete and bonds to the concrete as it cures.
  • Long Shelf Life – Lockstop has an indefinite shelf life. The flexible seal will not crack, shrink, dry out or change over time.
  • Versatile – Lockstop is versatile for lightweight concrete and areas of minimum clear cover. Can be installed outside rebar to protect steel from corrosion. Lockstop does not spall concrete in these applications.

It is important to note that Lockstop is not an expansion joint material and should not be used as such. Expansion joints must be sealed with a conventional waterstop. Contact our Technical Service Group for additional information on waterstop for expansion or moving joints.


Ideal for use on Non-moving construction joints in concrete applications, Lockstop is perfect for use on:

  • Storage tanks
  • Culverts
  • Pipe (round, oval, flatbase, elliptical and arch types)
  • Slabs-on-grade
  • Retaining walls
  • Foundations
  • Tunnels
  • Virtually any typical cast-in-place application

The Duke Company - Injectable Waterstops by Fuko

Injectable Waterstops by Fuko

FUKO is a specially designed and patented solid core PVC Injection Hose System which is installed in concrete joints to waterproof and seal any cracks or voids in the joint area. The FUKO System seals joints watertight and offers a complete maintenance program if leakage appears in the future. When appropriate Sika injection resins are selected, the FUKO System can be used for multiple re-injections – a significant advantage over any other hose system available.

Typical Structures using Injectable Waterstops b y Fuko

  • Tunnels
  • Water and waste water treatment plants
  • Swimming pools and water amusement parks
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Dams, locks, canals, water reservoirs and aqueducts
  • Primary and secondary containment facilities
  • Bridges
  • Commercial and industrial structures

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What is the CSI (Construction Specifications Institute) Masterformat??

  • The CSI MasterFormat is a coding system for document organization for construction related documents including construction design specifications, contracts, construction documents and other materials.
  • The CSI uses specific numbers and titles that make up a universal indexing system.
  • MasterFormat is also a publication created and maintained by the Construction Specification Institute (CSI) and Construction Specifications Canada (CSC). Notably, the CSI is widely used in the construction and operation of buildings and systems in many industries and projects, from healthcare and public infrastructure to educational structures and commercial. residential construction.
  • Advantages of Using CSI’s MasterFormat:
    • Improved communication between project groups, by for example, the design and construction teams. CSI  allows all team members to refer to specific sections of any document using the universal coding system. This facilitates coordination and communication between project owners, architects, contractors, and suppliers, minimizing the time spent organizing documents.

For industries with complex operations, such as health care, MasterFormat helps communicate and organize critical operational information among designers, builders, operations managers, and facility owners. In addition, as these and many other industries are increasingly using building information modeling, or BIM, MasterFormat can be used by modeling software to enhance data interoperability and improve BIM adoption.