The New York Times is reporting coverage of the impending blizzard and severe weather that is expected to be one of the largest storms to “ever strike New York”.

NY Times - A Big Snowfall in the Forecast

Estimated snow accumulation through noon Tuesday in NYC, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut & Massachusetts.
Source: New York Times & National Weather Service

Mayor Bill de Blasio “urged people to stay indoors to avoid powerful winds, low visibility and “treacherous” road conditions”, reported Colin Moynihan with the New York Times.  Notably, the National Weather Service has issued a blizzard warning for “the greater New York City area, forecast gusts of wind up to 50 miles per hour and snow accumulation of “at least one to two feet.””

Major airports through-out the New York state region are showing substantial cancellations.

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To read ‘New York Braces for Blizzard Amid Warnings of Closings and Hazards’ on the New York Times web site, click here.

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