Looking for the best tool rental & equipment rental source for power buggies in Rochester NY?  The Duke Company rents a full range of exceptionally well maintained equipment for commercial, municipal and residential customers in Upstate NY including the Indy Equipment IPB21, 21 cubic foot power buggy.

With fast delivery, convenient pick-up, friendly customer service & expert advice, The Duke Rentals team works hard to earn your trust & your business.

Power Buggies are also referred to as Concrete Buggies and Georgia buggies.

Outstanding features of the Indy Equipment IPB21 power buggy rental include:

  • Quick and versatile material moving capability
  • Simultaneous dump and hydrostatic drive, allowing for feather of the load in both forward and reverse.
  • Sturdy operators platform and control system.
  • Loading Capacity:  21 cubic feet
  • Foam filled tires provide excellent traction control
  • Foot operated dump lever enables the operator to keep two hands on the steering handle at all times.
  • Parking brake is foot actuated.

For detailed specifications and other helpful information, click here.

Duke Rentals Concrete Buggy and Georgia Buggy

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