Blasting Slag / Sand – Ensio Resources – Patriot Blast Adhesives

Blasting Slag / Sand – Ensio Resources – Patriot Blast Adhesives

Ensio Resources, Patriot Abrasive, Coal Abrasive, Glass Abrasive, - The Duke Company Building Products in Upstate NY

The Duke Company carries the comprehensive line of Ensio Resources (ERI) / Patriot Blast products manufactured by industry leader – Ensio Resources.  Patriot Blast Adhesives blasting slag / abrasives are notable for their low dusting, low free silica coal slag blasting characteristics.

Ensio Resources is renown for producing the highest quality slag products available anywhere and available for a wide variety of applications.  From long-lasting, fast cutting Patriot Blast™ blasting abrasives to ERI’s Black Velvet™ roofing granules, The Duke Company’s Building Product specialists are available to assist you .

Ensio Resources (ERI) / Patriot Blast Adhesive products include:

  • Patriot Blast Coal Abrasive:  optimal hardness, density, and particle shape to provide for an exceptional silica free blasting abrasive, roofing granule, non-skid, and sealcoating surface material.
  • Patriot Blast Elite Copper Abrasive:  aggressive abrasive frequently used in new steel and steel maintenance applications. Copper slag meets SSPC AB-1 and TCLP testing requirements.
  • Patriot Blast Glass Recycled Glass Abrasive:  100% recycled, manufactured general- purpose abrasive used in a wide variety of applications, from rust and mill scale removal to delicate restoration work.