Concrete Form Ties – Symon Steel Ply

Concrete Form Ties – Symon Steel Ply

Picture of Concrete Form Ties - Symon Steel Ply

Looking for concrete form ties for Symon Steel-Ply forms?  The Duke Company carries one of Western New York’s most extensive ranges of concrete form ties including:

  • Standard and H.D. S-Panel Ties:  (Ultimate Capacity = 4,500 and 5,6000 pounds)
  • Standard and H.D. Gang Form Ties (Ultimate Capacity = 4,500 and 5,600 pounds)
  • Standard S-Base Ties (Ultimate Capacity = 4,500 pounds and 5,600 pounds)
  • Threaded Ties (Ultimate Capacity = 4,200 pounds)
  • Toggle Ties (Ultimate Capacity = 4,200 pounds)
  • Standard and H.D. Bent Ties (Ultimate Capacity = varies with bend angles)
  • Standard & H.D. X-Flat Ties (Ultimate Capacity = 5,600 pounds and 6,500 pounds)
  • Wallers
  • Stongback Ties

Our Concrete Form Tie  inventory includes:

  • Adjustable Threaded Ties:  notably, the threads are featured on both sides or alternatively, on one side or the other.
  • Toggle Ties:  enables the field weld or toggle.
  • Single & Double Pilaster Ties:  functionally create the positioning in boxed-out areas of a  pour of concrete.
  • Spandrel Ties:  enables the tiring of forms for horizontal deck forms.
  • Cone Ties:  create a clean hole that is capable of patching.
  • Pre-Bent Ties:  Equipped with either parallel loops or perpendicular loops.

Proudly Serving Concrete Form Clients in Western New York including: