Concrete Form Ties – Symon Steel Ply

Concrete Form Ties – Symon Steel Ply

Picture of Concrete Form Ties - Symon Steel Ply

Looking for concrete form ties for Symon Steel-Ply forms?  The Duke Company carries one of Western New York’s most extensive ranges of concrete form ties including:

  • Standard and H.D. S-Panel Ties:  (Ultimate Capacity = 4,500 and 5,6000 pounds)
  • Standard and H.D. Gang Form Ties (Ultimate Capacity = 4,500 and 5,600 pounds)
  • Standard S-Base Ties (Ultimate Capacity = 4,500 pounds and 5,600 pounds)
  • Threaded Ties (Ultimate Capacity = 4,200 pounds)
  • Toggle Ties (Ultimate Capacity = 4,200 pounds)
  • Standard and H.D. Bent Ties (Ultimate Capacity = varies with bend angles)
  • Standard & H.D. X-Flat Ties (Ultimate Capacity = 5,600 pounds and 6,500 pounds)
  • Wallers
  • Stongback Ties

Our Concrete Form Tie  inventory includes:

  • Adjustable Threaded Ties:  notably, the threads are featured on both sides or alternatively, on one side or the other.
  • Toggle Ties:  enables the field weld or toggle.
  • Single & Double Pilaster Ties:  functionally create the positioning in boxed-out areas of a  pour of concrete.
  • Spandrel Ties:  enables the tiring of forms for horizontal deck forms.
  • Cone Ties:  create a clean hole that is capable of patching.
  • Pre-Bent Ties:  Equipped with either parallel loops or perpendicular loops.

Proudly Serving Concrete Form Clients in Western New York including:

WARNING:  The Duke Company distributes products from a range of manufacturers that may contain harmful ingredients as noted by the State of California.  These products can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information go to




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