Concrete Sealer and Water Repellant – Aquapel

Concrete Sealer and Water Repellant – Aquapel

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Looking to buy Concrete Sealer, Water Repellant & Salt Guard?  AquaPel is a leading choice for professional contractors and available in  Rochester NYIthaca NY and Western New York from the Duke Company.  Aquapel is widely acclaimed as one of the best concrete sealers and water repellants for a range of horizontal concrete surfaces.

Aquapel Stops Concrete Damage from Rain, Snow & Salt

Notably, Aquapel is highly resistant from the  effects of winter – especially moisture, Rock Salt and other Ice Control products.  This water repellent sealer is ideal for retarding corrosion of reinforcing steel.  In addition, this concrete sealer provides essential protection for concrete that has exposure to salt and water.

Available for prompt delivery and convenient delivery through-out Western NY.  Call 585-292-9870 (Rochester NY) or 607-347-4455 to speak to a Duke Company concrete specialist.

Aquapel’s industry leading technology has created an exceptional concrete sealer that is:

  • STOPS concrete damage from rain, snow and salt.
  • Protects against concrete pitting, concrete pop outs, concrete scaling and spalling.
  • Penetrating protection agains moisture, snow, deicers, chloride salts, rebar corrosion.
  • Clear.
  • Breathable.
  • Waterborne, Water Repellant.
  • Non-flammable.
  • Advance Silane-Siloxane Sealer.
  • Renown for penetrating concrete surfaces.
  • Establishing exceptionally tough bonds with substrate.
  • Environmentally safe!

Aquapel is precision engineered to be an odorless and low VOC (volatile organic compound).  Notably, this concrete sealer and water repellant is engineered for a rapid chemical reaction with a range of natural minerals.  This results in a highly stable bonding of this concrete sealer to the surface within 7 days of application.

Picture of Concrete Pitting, Concrete Popouts, Concrete Scaling and Concrete Spalling

Concrete Sealer Review & Comparison

Compare Aquapel vs. Acrylic Cure & Seal

Aquapel’s Essential Salt Guard & Moisture ProtectionCharacteristics

√ Rapidly Penetrates the Top Layer of Concrete.

√ Chemically Reactive.

√ Long Lasting – Does Not Wear Off.

√ Not Affected by Gas.

√ Creates and Maintains a Slip Resistance Surface.

√ Outstanding Protection Against Road Salt.

√ Reapply after many years – five to ten years.

Acrylic Cure & Seal

χ Forms a Surface Membrane

χ Known to be an Chemically Inert

χ Wears Off

χ Dissolves with Exposure to Gas

χ Does Provide Some Limited Road Salt Protection

χ Crates a Glossy Surface that Can be Slippery.

χ Need to Reapply after every one to two years.

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