Nails & Spikes

Nails & Spikes

Nails & Spikes

The Duke Company carries the widest range of nails and stakes available including:

  • Flat Head Nails
  • Roofing Nails:  available in coils
  • Joint Hangers:  for wood connectors
  • Finish Nails:  used for a range of applications including specialty finishing
  • Brad Nails:  employed with pneumatic nailers
  • Screw Shanks:  essential where high holding power is necessary
  • Ring Shanks:  essential for applications where high holding power is necessary.
  • Duplex Heads:  essential to concrete forming applications
  • Barbed Nails:  tremendous for plywood.
  • Tile Nails:  used in conjunction with clay roofing tiles
  • Spikes:  essential to securing materials

We carry a wide range of nail finishes including:  smooth, blued, elctro galvanized, tempered hardened, hot dipped galvanized, vinyl coated and cement coated.

Our complete inventory of nails includes:  coated sinker nails, smooth box nails, electro galvanized box nails, hot dipped box nails, barbed framing nails, blue lath nails, electro galvanized joist hanger nails, electro galvanized bulk roofing nails, vinyl coated plywood nails, joist hanger nails, smooth box nails, common nails, hot dipped galvanized bulk roofing nails, vinyl coated common nails, hardened concrete nails, fluted masonry nails, duplex head nails, brite finish nails, cut masonry nails, tile nails, spikes, galvanized casing nails, stainless steel common ring shank and smooth shank hand-drive nails, stainless steel preservative treated wood hand-drive nails, stainless steel cedar and redwood hand-drive siding nails and stainless steel fiber-cement siding hand drive nails.

WARNING:  The Duke Company distributes products from a range of manufacturers that may contain harmful ingredients as noted by the State of California.  These products can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information go to




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