No Ice – American Rock Salt

No Ice – American Rock Salt

No Ice - American Rock Salt

The Duke Company is proud to carry ‘No Ice’, a next generation ice melter that is very effective to negative 21 degrees below zero.  The product is notable for being very efficient, environmentally friendly, formulated for concrete and cost effective to use.

The manufacturer recommends that all water and slush be removed before the application of No Ice.  For the most effective results, .5 to 1 cup of No Ice should be used and spread evenly for one square yard of surface.  There is no need to over-apply.  Best practices are to apply deicers when ice and snow have only achieved a thin layer; remove ice and snow (as much as possible) before appyiing, scrape the ice and snow before applying, and to use only a negligible amount of No Ice when the application is near landscaping vegetration.

Ice contains Sodium Choloride CAS #7647-14-5, Calcium Chloride CAS #10043-52-4, CMA CAS #76123-46-1, and Orcosalt Green B Dye CAS #19381-50-1.

Download the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for No Ice (by American Rock Salt)

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