QuikRete Mason Mix – Type S Mortar

QuikRete Mason Mix – Type S Mortar

QuikRete Mason Mix - Type S Mortar

Looking to buy QuikRete Mason Mix – Type S Mortar in Rochester NY, Ithaca NY and Western New York?

Convenient drive-through pick-up and prompt delivery from the Duke Company – A+ rated building productsequipment rental and rock salt.

QuikRete Mason Mix – Type S Mortar is renown for its rapid hardening for road and bridge deck repairs.

Helpful Information for Professional Contractors:

  • Commercial Grade – manufactured to exceptional specifications.
  • Widely respected as one of the best mason mixes available for professionals.
  • Highly engineered for laying brick, block and stone.
  • For exceptional convenience, pre-blended with sand.

Sizes Available in:

  • 60 pound bags
  • 80 pound bags

Need Advice on How to Select Mortar Types?

Recommendation Guide for Selection of Mortar Type

Building Segment:  Exterior, Above Grade:

  • Load Bearing:  Type N or S
  • Non-Load Baring:  Type N
  • Parapet Wall:  Type N or S

Exterior, at or Below Grade:

  • Type S or M

Interior Applications:

  • Load Bearing:  Type N or S
  • Non-Load Bearing:  Type N

Widely respected by professionals for floor repairs, deck repairs, floor topping > 1.5 inches, highway & bridge deck repairs.

Helpful Download Information:

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