Safety Vests – ANSI Class 2 Vest – Velcro Front

Safety Vests – ANSI Class 2 Vest – Velcro Front

Safety Vests - ANSI Class 2 Vest - Velcro Front

Looking to buy safety vests in Rochester NY, Ithaca NY, and Western NY at competitive prices & with exceptional service?  The Duke Company proudly carries the finest Safety Vests – ANSI Class 2 Vest – Velcro Front in both High Visibility Orange and High Visibility Yellow.

We offer convenient pick-up and prompt delivery through-out Rochester, Ithaca, Syracuse, Western NY, and Upstate New York.

The Safety Vests – ANSI Class 2 Vest – Velcro Front

 are polyester mesh that are noted for their exceptional attention to detail including:

  • Excellent breathability on hot days
  • High visibility reflective stripes
  • 2 essential inside waist pockets
  • Available in High Visibility Yellow and High Visibility Orange
  • Sizes:  Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL

Safety Vest Catalog SKU Number(s):

  • 75-3203:  High Visibility Yellow
  • 75-3204:  High Visibility Orange

We proudly carry the premiere products of Majestic, America’s standard for high quality, high visibility safety gear.

The Duke Company proudly carries a full line of the highest quality High Visibility Safety Gear that is ANSI Approved, ASHTO Approved, DOT Approved and OSHA Approved.

Our rigorous standards enable us to have selected the finest personal protective gear that is specifically designed for construction professionals.

The Duke Company is proudly recognized as a one-stop shop for Safety and Personal Protection Gear, Traffic Safety Supply, and Trench Box Safety and Trench Box Rental.  Our expert team of safety specialists would be glad to assist you with convenient pick-up, prompt delivery, custom embroidery and special orders.

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