Snow Plowing Blades & Accessories – ESCO / Bucyrus

Snow Plowing Blades & Accessories – ESCO / Bucyrus

Snow Plowing Blades and Accessories - ESCO - Bucyrs

The Duke Company carries a comprehensive range of snow plowing blades and accessories manufactured by industry leader – ESCO and Bucyrus Blades.  ESCO is renown for using very high quality steel and a precision manufacturing processs.

We carry a full line of snow plow accessories including:

  • Snow plow edges
  • Snow plow blades
  • Rubber plow blades
  • Grader blades
  • Loader blades
  • Moldboard shoes
  • Wing shoes
  • Plow shoes
  • Frame shoes
  • Nose pieces.

All of our ESCO snow plow products are offered in a range of allows including:

  • Carbide Embedded Blades for longer wear life.
  • ForgeTemp Steel Plate:  offers optimal balance between abrasion and impact.
  • Surface Hardened:  offers extended wear vs. conventional steel blades.
  • Carbide Inserted:  very long wear resulting in deal blade for highways and runway snow plowing.

WARNING:  The Duke Company distributes products from a range of manufacturers that may contain harmful ingredients as noted by the State of California.  These products can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information go to




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