Stop Ice Deicing Product by Kissner

Stop Ice Deicing Product by Kissner

Picture of Stop Ice Deicing Product by Kissner

Looking to buy Stop Ice with Quad Action Melting Power by Kissner in Rochester NY, Ithaca NY and Western New York?  The Duke Company proudly carries Stop Ice Ice Melt and and Deicer by Kissner available in convenient bags, pallets and in bulk.  No Ice is widely respected for its Quad Action Melting Power.

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The Duke Company proudly specializes in providing Ice & Snow Control Products to assist professional contractors, industrial customers and residential customers stay productive through-out the winder.  With an +A reputation for exceptional customer service, we offer prompt delivery, convenient drive-thru service, expert advice and tremendously valued products.

Looking to buy Value-Priced No Salt Ice Melt in Bulk or by the Pallet?

No Ice by Kissner is widely respected for it advanced engineered characteristics:

  • Safety characteristics
  • Ease of use
  • Long duration formula with extenders
  • Friendly to plants and vegetation.

The Duke Company is proud to feature the Kissner Group – widely respected as a leader through-out the USA for its leading ice melt, deicing, rock salt and road salt products.

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