TerraGuard SS Erosion Control Blankets

TerraGuard SS Erosion Control Blankets

Looking for TerraGuard SS Erosion Control Blankets by Hanes Geo in Rochester NYIthaca NYBuffalo NY and Syracuse NY?  Outstanding prices, quick delivery & the best customer service from +Duke Company.

TerraGuard DS by Hanes Geo is an advanced Erosion Control blanket that is constructed of durable double net straw.  It is designed to protect slopes and channels from the harmful erosion affects of rainfall and runoff on 6% grades, flow depths of 6 inches and flow velocities of 8 feet per second.

Specifications for TerraGuard DS Erosion Control Blankets

  • Fiber Type:  AG Straw
  • Weight per yard:  .5 pounds that is plus or minus 10%
  • Netting Sides:  2
  • Channel Grade:  6%
  • Slope Angle:  2:1
  •  Thread Type:  Degradable
  • Flow Velocity:  8 feet per second
  • Flow Depth:  6 inches
  • Standard Roll Size:  7.5 inches x 120 inches.

Notably, TerraGuard SS Erosion Control Blankets are available in convenient rolls, provide organic erosion control, are biodegradable and are vastly superior to coconut blankets.

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