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Viper® VaporCheck | Duke Company

Viper® VaporCheck

Viper® VaporCheck® is designed to help builders control vapor and moisture infiltration in homes and buildings. The cross-woven polyethylene vapor barrier is engineered with superior puncture resistance and tensile strength.

Viper VaporCheck (Viper I) is a triply-ply, extrusion coated, cross-woven reinforced under-slab vapor barrier. Viper I is manufactured from virgin (non-recylced) polyethylene resin and offers premium protection against water vapor and soil gases beneath concrete slabs

During construction, heavy foot traffic often compromises the integrity of the vapor barrier. Punctures and tears due to construction provide openings for vapor migration. Viper VaporCheck is specifically designed to resist tears and punctures during construction. Testing shows that Viper VaporCheck is one of the strongest vapor barrier on the market. This sets Sets Viper® VaporCheck® Apart

Construction Specification Institute Categories:
– CSI Division 3: Concrete
– CSI Division 7: Thermal & Moisture Protection

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