We welcome any questions or concerns you may have regarding your project and equipment rental questions. For example, we recently received a question via our quick quote portal regarding air scrubber rentals. We were happy to accommodate her project needs. Call the Duke Company for all your construction equipment needs – including a wide variety of construction equipment rentals including air scrubber rentals.


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For example, we rent Quest Power HEPA 500:

HEPA equipped Air Scrubbers can be used in a variety of applications, including hospital construction, containing dust, remediating mold and mildew, reducing odors and the abatement of lead and asbestos.


Quest Power HEPA 500 Specification
  • Part Number 4031360
  • Power 1.9 amps, 110V, Grounded
  • Blower 500 CFM
  • Filters:
    • 1st stage 1” x 18” x 18” Pleated Media
    • 2nd stage 2.5” x 18” x 18” HEPA
    • Optional 1” Carbon and Potassium Permanganate
  • Duct Options: Inlet – 16” Flex-Duct Outlet – 10” Lay-Flat
  • Weight 33 lb 35.6 lb
  • Accessories And Replacement Filters:
    • 4031877 1” x 18” x 18” Air Filter, Pleated
    • 4031864 2.5” x 18” x 18” Air Filter, HEPA
    • 4031878 1” Air Filter, Optional Carbon/Potassium Permanganate
    • 4029252 Lay Flat Duct 10” round x 250’
    • 4028357 Flex Duct 16” round x 25’


Helpful Download Information:

Product Brochure Air Scrubber Rental Equipment – Quest Power HEPA 500

Quest_Power HEPA_500_Spec_Sheet

Quest Power HEPA 500 air scubber manual



The Duke Company can assist you with your construction needs. We offer expert advice from our highly rated customer service. Furthermore, we offer the best values and fast delivery.

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Or we can give you a quick quote via our web portal.


*Please note, subject to equipment availability and seasonal demands, specific makes and models of rental equipment may not be available for rent or sale.  The Duke Company will make every attempt to equip you with the right rental equipment and tools that will enable you to accomplish your project goals.  Please contact the Duke Company in Rochester at (585) 292-9870 and Ithaca at (607) 347-4455 to check for the latest availability.


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