Ready for Winter? The Duke Company Can Assist You With Snow Removal Equipment from A-Z! Rochester NY, Ithaca NY, Auburn NY, Dansville NY - Equipment Rental




Need help with Snow Removal Rental Equipment?  The Duke Company can assist you with Snow Removal & Rental Equipment from A to Z!

A full range of snow removal equipment is available for rent. Ask about quick delivery throughout Upstate NY.  

The Duke Company carries a complete range of snow removal and rental equipment including Toro Power Brooms, Bobcats, Skid-Steers, Walk-Behind Toro Dingoes, Walk-Behind Bobcats and a complete line of attachments including sweepers & more!

For an accurate price quote, outstanding service and fast delivery, give one of our four Upstate NY locations a call.  Proudly offering the best value on Snow Removal Equipment, Equipment Rental and Winter products and exceptional customer service in Rochester, Ithaca, Dansville & Auburn NY.

Snow Removal Equipment from A-Z!


Duke Rentals in Rochester, Ithaca, Dansville and Auburn NY Rents Snow Removal Equipment Including Toro Dingoes, Toro Power Brooms, Bobcats and Skidsteers

toro power Broom

  • Perfect for sweeping 2″-5″ of snow from sidewalks to parking lots.

  • Powerful Bobcats to get you thru winter.
  • Full range of Bobcat attachments including snow sweeper attachments.

  • John Deere & More
  • Equipped with a range of attachments including snow sweepers.

Duke Rentals - Equipment Rental in Rochester, Ithaca, Dansville and Auburn NY Rents Snow Removal Equipment Including Toro Dingoes, Toro Power Brooms, Bobcats and Skidsteers

Walk-behind toro dingos

  • Tracked
  • Full range of Toro attachments
Walk Behind Bobcats

  • Tracked
  • Full range of Bobcat attachments
attachments:  Sweepers & More

  • Sweep a clean path efficiently with the power driven angle broom attachment for Bobcats & skid-steers.


Bulk Rock Salt in Rochester NY - The Duke Company's Salt Barn

The Duke Company’s Salt Barn in Rochester, New York

The Duke Salt Barn in Rochester NY carries one of the largest inventories of Bulk & Bagged American Rock Salt & Bagged Ice Melts in Upstate NY. We are open Monday – Friday from 5 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Saturday / Sunday from 5 a.m. – 10 a.m. During weather events, we are open extended hours to better serve you.  For a prompt Rock Salt & Deicer quote & delivery quote, please contact David Szydlowski:

Office: (585)-292-9871
Cell: (585)-703-1936

Get a Quote for Packaged Ice Melts

To request bulk and packaged product quotes, please contact David Szydlowski, Division Manager, Ice Control / Transportation.

| Direct:  (585) 292-9871 | Mobile:  (585) 703-1936 | Email:    

The Duke team looks forward to serving you through-out the Winter Season with all of your Ice Control Needs – whether Bulk Rock Salt, Bagged Deicers, Heaters, Snow Removal Equipment and more!

From the Duke Company Family, Thank you!

Duke Rentals - Indirect Fired Heater Rental - The Duke Company - Frostfighter IHS700, LB White 750 DF, Flagro FVNP-750

Need to Rent Heaters?  Keep Your Crew Up & Running Through the Winter Season!

A full range of heaters are available for rent by the day, week or month.  The Duke Company’s team would be glad to assist you in calculating the BTU’s required for your needs.  For a price quote, the best-maintained rental heaters, outstanding service & fast delivery, give us a call.

With fast delivery, convenient pick-up, friendly customer service & expert advice, The Duke Rentals team works hard to earn your trust & your business.

Duke Rentals and Duke Salt - Winter Products Catalog for Bulk Rock Salt, Bagged Ice Melts and Heater Rental

Helpful Download Information:  The Duke Company’s Winter Products Catalog

Click on the link below to download The Duke Company’s comprehensive winter products catalog highlighting our complete offering to help you get through the Winter.  Whether you need Bulk Rock Salt, Bagged Ice Melts, Heaters, Snow Removal Equipment , Winter Clothing and Protective Gear, Snow Fence, Drive Way Markers and Snow Removal Tools – The Duke Company’s team would be glad to assist you.

To Reach Duke Rentals in ROCHESTER NY, visit or call:

299 Jefferson Road
Rochester, NY 14623

To Reach Duke Rentals in ITHACA NY, visit or call:

7 Hall Road
Ithaca, NY 14850

To Reach The Duke Rentals team in Dansville NY, visit or call:

10131 Poags Hole Road
Dansville, NY 14437