14 Inch Cut Off Saw Rental – Stihl – TS 420

14 Inch Cut Off Saw Rental – Stihl – TS 420

14" Cut-Off Saws - Stihl - TS 420

14 Inch Cut-Off Saw Rental – Stihl – TS 420, is available for rent in Rochester NY, Ithaca NY and the entire Western New York region from the Duke Company.

The Stihl TS 420 Cutquik 14 inch cutoff saw features an electronically controlled fuel injection, reduced emissions, advanced air filtration system, anti-vibration system, and semi-automatic belt tensioning and ergonomic grip.  This saw features balanced performance and power.


  • Displacement = 66.7 cc
  • Engine power = 4.4 bhp
  • Weight = 21.2 pounds
  • Fuel tank capacity = 24 ounces.

Precautionary note from Stihl:  Never use carbide-tipped, wood cutting or circular saw blades on cut-off machines. They can cause severe personal injury or death from reactive forces, blade contact or thrown tips. Never cut wood of any type.