Bulldozer Rental – John Deere 650K

Bulldozer Rental – John Deere 650K

Bulldozer Rental – John Deere 650K, is available for rent in Rochester NY, Ithaca NY and the entire Western New York region from the Duke Company.

This crawler dozer features dual-path hydrostatic drive, and heavy-duty undercarriage.  It generates net power of 101 horse power at 2,200 RPMs, has a track footprint of 92 inches, operating weight of approximately 20,000 pounds, and a blade width range of 105 inches to 128 inches.

Download the detailed specifications for the John Deere 550K and John Deere 650K Dozer and Bull Dozers.  Documentation includes extensive, detailed model information, rated power, base weight, engine information, cooling information, power train information and more.

Download Helpful Information:

John Deere 650K Brochure

John Deere 550K and 650K Crawler Dozer Information for Heavy Equipment Rental

John Deere 650K Dozer US Brochure