Commercial Floor Scrubber Rental -26 Inch Stand-On by Windsor

Commercial Floor Scrubber Rental -26 Inch Stand-On by Windsor

Picture of 26 Inch Stand Commercial Floor Scrubber Rental

Renown for exceptional quality, productivity and cleaning power, the Duke Company rents a broad range of commercial floor scrubber rental equipment in Upstate New York.

Our inventory includes the 26 inch Stand-On Commercial Scrubber by Windsor, widely respected by cleaning professionals for its reliable and powerful scrubbing.

Why Rent a Stand-On Commercial Floor Scrubber?

  • Stand-On feature has substantial speed and efficiency over walk-behinds at the same rental cost.
  • 26 inch cleaning pad width for exceptional productivity.
  • Water conservation technology results in more machine uptime.
  • Choose four different cleaning modes.
  • Adjustable the cleaning chemical dilution rate.
  • Adjust the squeegee automatically.
  • Transport with ease and ‘elevator-friendly’.

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The Duke Company is a leading rental equipment, building supply, construction material & ice control products company in Upstate NY.  We have locations in Rochester NY, Ithaca NY, Dansville NY and Auburn NY.

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