Concrete Chain Saw Rental – Hydraulic 890F4 By ICS

Concrete Chain Saw Rental – Hydraulic 890F4 By ICS

Picture of Concrete Chain Saw Rental - Hydraulic 890F4 By ICS

Renting a Hydraulic Concrete Chain Saw from the Duke Company will enable your crew to cut with precision and accuracy, with incredible productivity.  In Upstate New York, the Duke Rents the ICS Hydraulic Concrete Chain Saw, model 890F4, renown for:

  • Eliminating the need for impact tools that can damage surrounding concrete.
  • Eliminating the over-cutting of corners.
  • Cutting concrete deep – up to 25 inches.
  • Cutting concrete fast.
  • Creating square corners.
  • Portable weight.
  • Tremendous time savings.

With an A+ reputation for outstanding service, quick pick-up and prompt delivery, ask the Duke Company about blades and bits including cured blades, handsaw blades, wall saw blades, green blades, asphalt blades and core bits.  We would be glad to assist you with Diamond Chains and Force4 diamond chains.

About ICS Concrete Chain Saw Rental Equipment 

The Duke Company applies rigorous standards before accepting new items into our Rochester NY and Ithaca NY tool rental and equipment rental fleet.  ICS’s technology with respect to gas-powered concrete chain saws and hydraulic concrete chain saws is simply exceptional.

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