Ground Heater Rental – E1100 – by Wacker Neuson

Ground Heater Rental – E1100 – by Wacker Neuson

Picture of Ground Heater Rental - E1100 - byWacker Neuson

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Looking to rent the exceptionally powerful Ground Heater Rental – E1100 – byWacker Neuson in Rochester NY, Ithaca NY and Western New York?

Ground Heater Rental in Rochester NY, Ithaca NY & Western NY

Formerly known as Ground Heater, the E1100 is manufactured by a world-wide leader, Wacker Neuson Climate Technology renown for manufacturing exceptional quality Ground Heaters.


Rent Ground Heaters with Pro Specs

Professional specs for the E1100 by Wacker Neuson include:

  • This hydronic heater is designed from the ground up to economically thaw ground that is frozen, cure concrete in cold environments, and provide temporary heat.
  • Capable of thawing 2,200 square fee, and with accessories, capable of thawing up to 6,600 square feet.
  • Long performing with up to 115 hours of run time.
  • Equipped with digital temperature controller.
  • Highest performing ground heater with 87% heater efficiency.



Detailed Specifications for the Ground Heater Rental – E1100

  • Dimensions in Inches:                                  114 x 66 x 61
  • Ground clearance:                                       10 inches
  • Weight:                                                         2,787 pounds
  • Shipping weight Dry                                      2,283 pounds
  • Heat Transfer Fluid Tank Capacity:             50 gallons
  • Hose Length:                                                1,100 feet
  • Hose reels:                                                    1
  • Heater gross output performance:           122,080 BTU/hour
  • Heat transfer fluid Capacity                       50 US gal
  • Quantity Circulation Loops                        1
  • Heat efficiency                                           87 %
  • Capacity Thaw (Std/with Acc)                  2,200 ft²/3,300 ft²
  • Capacity Cure (Std/with Acc)                   2,200 ft²/6,600 ft²
  • Capacity Frost (Std/with Acc)                  3,300 ft²/9,900 ft²
  • Capacity Air Heat W/Acc                          180,000 ft³
  • Runtime @ 100% Burner Run Percentage      72 hrs
  • Runtime @ 75% Burner Run Percentage         97 hrs
  • Fuel type                                                      Winter-blend diesel


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Specifications and Product Brochure for Ground Heater Rental – E1100 – byWacker Neuson

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