Power Pusher Rental – Electric Wheelbarrow – E-750

Power Pusher Rental – Electric Wheelbarrow – E-750

Picture of Power Pusher Rental - Electric Wheel Barrow Rental at the Duke Company in Upstate NY

Looking to rent the best, large capacity Power Pusher, electric wheelbarrow in Rochester, Ithaca and Upstate NY?  The Duke Company rents the exceptional Power Pusher E-750.

Renting this powerful electric wheelbarrow from the Duke Company will enable your crew to safely and easily move loads up to 1,000 pounds.  The heavy-duty, high-density tub and powered wheel barrow will allow your crew to safely move heavy materials without the risks of manually-operated wheelbarrows.

Pros appreciate the vast features of this rental Power Pusher, electric wheelbarrow when renting from the Duke Company including:

  • Galvanized Steel Tub
  • Electric power-train, powered by 24v rechargeable battery.  Run five miles on just one charge.
  • Capable of hauling 1,000 pounds at 4 MPH.
  • Quiet, electric motor that can be operated indoors or environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Capacity of 12 cubic feet.
  • Power dump capability – for safe dumping of materials with only a push of a button.
  • Foam filled, never-flat tires.

Specification Highlights:  Power Pusher – Electric Wheelbarrow – E-750

  • Liquid Volume:  5 cubic feet
  • Solid Volume:  9 cubic feet
  • Load Capacity:  1,000 pounds
  • Width:  32 inches
  • Height:  39 inches
  • Length:  69 inches
  • Speed:  4 MPH
  • Motor:  electric 24v DC
  • Battery Charger:  on-board, 3-stage, 2×10 Amp Circuits

For the best customer service and fastest delivery in Upstate, call the Duke Company’s team of rental equipment experts at:

Rochester NY:  (585) 292=9870

Ithaca, NY: (607) 347-4455

Dansville, NY:  (585) 335-5970