The Atlas Copco LPHB Hole Borer and Puller

The Atlas Copco LPHB Hole Borer and Puller

Atlas Copco LPHB hole borer and puller

The Atlas Copco LPHB hole borer and puller is available in Upstate NY from the Duke Company.

The Atlas Copco LPHB post hole borer is an excellent choice when you are facing stones and hard soil. Compact and powerful, this tool drills holes in hard soil and sand of up to 4 foot in depth and 4 – 14 inches in diameter. It offers reversible rotation and is designed for two-person operation. All augers have interchangeable bits for increased service lifetime. The auger is ideal for fencing and tree planting. It has two-way operation and adjustable torque settings, allowing the LPHB to be used for many other operations with special adaptors (for example use it for opening and closing main water line valves).


beat the stones

Two way rotation means the LPHB is ideal for use in stony ground.

multi talent

The adjustable rotation speed and torque limiter means you can use the LPHB  for many applications.

Quick change

Change the auger without tools.


Specifications for the Atlas Copco LPHB hole borer and puller:


Weight lb 44
Service weight (incl. 8 in auger) lb 67
Oil flow gpm 4 – 10
Working pressure psi 1450 – 2030
Max back pressure psi 725
Revolutions rpm 90-240
Auger size diameter in 4 – 14
Torque (at 140 bar) ft lb 232
Vibration level 3 axes (ISO28927-5) 20 lpm m/s² 7.4
Sound pressure level (ISO 11203) Lp, r=1m dB(A) <70
EHTMA class C/D/E
Part number 1806 1014 33

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