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Looking to rent concrete grinders  and outstanding Tool Rental equipment for floor grinding, surface preparation, floor repair and  restoration in Rochester NY, Ithaca NY and Western New York?

Expert Rental Advice & Best Rental Prices on Rochester, Ithaca & Western NY

With an A+ reputation for outstanding customer service, the Duke Company proudly supports professional contractors with a complete range of Edco floor grinders including:

Edco Concrete grinders are renown for efficiently repairing concrete slaps, removing worn-out coatings and preparing surfaces for overlays.

Edco’s single disc, dual disc, and four disc grinders are outstanding Rental Equipment machines that are advanced engineered with:

  • Vacuum ports for dust-free grinding
  • Adjustable dust shrouding capabilities to minimize debris and maximizing safe operation.
  • Heavy-Duty frame for durable operation and mounting handles for easy loading and unloading.
  • Available in gas, electric or propane for exterior and interior operating environments.
  • Advanced engineered counter-rotating discs that enable smooth operation.

In additional, Edco Floor Grinders are often rented from the Duke Company by industrial maintenance operations for removing difficult manufacturing build-ups from grease, rubber and food products.

The Duke Company’s team of rental professionals would be glad to assist you with rental advice on how to return concrete to its original, smooth, level-surface that is ideal for operating fork-lifts and for safe pedestrian walk-ways.

Looking to rent a specific concrete grinder in Rochester, Ithaca & Western NY?  

Our team would be glad to assist you in renting the grinder that is best suited for your application: