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The 60 foot Tracked Lifts (Spider 18.90) are available in Ithaca NY, Rochester NY, and Upstate NY from the Duke Company.

Tracked Lifts are the choice among many professionals and are considered the most capable and versatile ultra compact manlifts on the market. They utilize simple live hydraulic operating system for unsurpassed reliability.

They will fit through a standard door. The tracked undercarriage allows passage over a variety of surfaces including soft, muddy or delicate finished surfaces while avoiding damage done by other types of wheeled equipment.

Tracked lifts even allow the climbing of heavy inclines and staircases, heavily sloped or terraced terrain. Simple electro-mechanical limit switches ensures safety during deployment.

They can be transported via trailer behind light duty pickups, vans or SUV’s. Their versatility accommodates the most challenging situations (e.g., they can be craned or deployed in freight elevators).

Features include:

  • Live Hydraulic, Fully Proportional, Hydraulic System
    with Levers in Basket and at Turret Base
  • Electro-Mechanical Safety and Ground
    Pressure Monitoring System
  • Automatic Sidereach Limiting
  • Stabilizers/Booms Interblock (Outriggers Disabled once Boom
    In Operation)
  • Articulated Boom with Fly Jib for Greater Versatility
  • Black Rubber Tracks
  • Lock Valves on all the Actuators
  • 13 HP Honda Gasoline engine
  • 110V Indoor Use, Pollution FREE Hydraulic System
  • 110V Outlet in the Basket
  • Emergency Hand Pump
  • Hour Meter
  • 2-man Basket (Easily Removable)
  • Removable Outrigger Pads
  • Heavy Duty Shield Package
  • Air-Water Outlet in the Basket
  • Dual electric 24V battery/110V AC indoor use version
Working Height

Height to Basket Floor

Side Reach at 176 lbs

Side Reach at 264 lbs

Side Reach at 441 lbs

Turret Rotation

Basket Dimensions

Length (Transport)

Length (without Basket)

Width (Min/Max)

Height Stowed (Min/Max)

Outrigger Spread

Driving Speed

Gradeability (Uphill)

Gradeability (Sideslope)

Deployment Slope

Max Capacity

Gasoline Engine (Honda)

Total Weight of the Machine








3’11” x 2’2″ x 3’7″





12′ x 10′

1.25 MPH




441 lbs

13 HP

5,290 lbs

tracked lift 60 foot--spider 18.90 data

Technical data regarding the spider 18.90 60 foot Tracked Lift:

For the best customer service and fastest delivery in Upstate New York, call the Duke Company at (585) 292-9870 (Rochester NY) and (607) 347-4455 (Ithaca / Seneca NY).

Or we can give you a quick quote via our web portal.

*Please note, subject to equipment availability and seasonal demands, specific makes and models of rental equipment may not be available for rent or sale.  The Duke Company will make every attempt to equip you with the right rental equipment and tools that will enable you to accomplish your project goals.  Please contact the Duke Company in Rochester at (585) 292-9870 and Ithaca at (607) 347-4455 to check for the latest availability.

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By David Szydlowski