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Renting concrete forms can vastly increase the productivity, safety and outcome of your concrete projects and job site. That said, safety on any construction site is paramount, and at the Duke Company in Rochester NY and Ithaca NY, our aim is to be an extension of your safety team by equipping you with knowledge on how to use Steel-Ply forms safely and effectively.

Advantages of Renting Steel-Ply Concrete Forms

The advantage of renting and buying concrete forms are many, including “factory-built systems such as these (Symons Steel Ply forms) provide predictable strength, minimizing the uncertainty that often surrounds “hand-Made,” “job-shop” and “job-built” equipment”, according the Dayton Superior Steel-Ply Application Guide

While Symons Steel Ply concrete forms are designed to rigorous safety standard, and tested accordingly, the Dayton Superior Steel-Ply Application Guide notes that Dayton Superior recommends that “all construction personnel who will be involved, directly or indirectly, with the use of this product (concrete forms) be familiar with the contents of this guide”.  To download the Instruction Rental Guide for Symon Concrete Forming Systems and Applications, click on the link below.

Instruction Rental Guide for Symon Concrete Forming System Application

Safety Best Practices for Renting Concrete Forms

Safety best practices are essential when renting or buying concrete forms.  Symons recommends that “regular safety meetings be held prior to starting the forming operation, and regularly throughout the concrete placement, form stripping and erection operations”.  Notably, Dayton Superior and Symons recommends that “all persons involved with the construction should be familiar and in compliance with applicable governmental regulations, codes and ordinances, as well sate industry safety standard developed and published by each of the following:  American Concrete Institute, American National Standards Institute, The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, The Scaffolding, Shoring and Forming Institute”.

For detailed safety information on the proper use of concrete forms and best practices, download and read the application guide noted above.  The guide outlines helpful safety information for concrete form components, ties, handset erection procedures, conventional panel tie gang forming, Steel-Ply gang fillers, horizontal Steel-Ply, Maxi-Waler Wall Gangs, Ganged Core Forms, Columns, Battered Walls and more.

Helpful Concrete Form Rental and Purchase Information:

Symons Steel Ply forms are proudly manufactured by Dayton Superior in the USA.

Concrete Forms and CAD Planning

The Duke Company’s CAD (Computer Aided Design) department is available to assist professional contractors in planning your concrete form project.  As one of Western New York’s Rental EquipmentTool Rental, Building ProductsConstruction Materials and  Safety Products leaders, we would be glad to assist you in Rochester NY, Ithaca and Western New York including:  Parma NYPerinton NYPittsford NY, and Syracuse NY.  Call 585-292-9870 (Rochester) or 607-347-4455 (Ithaca) for immediate service.