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Professional contractors stand-behind an impressive concrete sealer and water repellant that is renown for stopping concrete damage from salt in moisture in Rochester and Ithaca NY.

After an extended Winter in Rochester NYIthaca NY and Western New York, many professional contractors are being asked to repair concrete, damaged by rain, snow and salt.

The Duke Company is proud to carry industry-leading Aquapel concrete sealer and water repellant.  Respected by professional contractors, Aqupel is GUARANTEED to protect against:

  • Moisture
  • Snow
  • Deicers
  • Chloride Salts
  • Rebar Corrosion.

Helpful Download Information on Aquapel Concrete Sealer & Water Repellant

Concrete Sealer Product Brochure for Aquapel

Common problems from the use of deicers and salts include concrete pitting, concrete pop outs, and concrete scaling .  Pictures of each are noted below:

Picture of Concrete Pitting, Concrete Popouts, Concrete Scaling and Concrete Spalling







Aquapel and Aquapel Plus penetrate the top layer of concrete to provide excellent road salt and deicer protection that maintains the slip resistance of your concrete surface.  Aquapel is guaranteed to last 2 years and surpasses NCHRP 244, Series II Tests, and deuces water and salt penetration by 84% to 90%.

For more information on Aquapel, click here.

To speak to the Duke Company’s concrete sealer and water repellant experts, call 585-292-9870 (Rochester NY) and 607-347-4455 (Ithaca NY).

Proudly serving professional contractors in Western New York including:  Buffalo NYSyracuse NY and Chemung County NY.