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We recently received a question via our quick quote portal regarding the Atlas Copco LWP 2 submersible pump rental. We were happy to accommodate his project needs. Call the Duke Company for all your construction equipment needs – including a wide variety of construction equipment rentals including the The Atlas Copco LWP 2 submersible pump.



Atlas Copco LWP 2 submersible pump

Atlas Copco LTP 3 submersible pump


Hydraulic pumps offer a greater degree of reliability. The Atlas Copco LWP 2 submersible pumps are used in a wide range of applications. They are great at continuous pumping of clean or contaminated water; as well as flooded excavations and cellars.

The pumps are driven by a built-in hydraulic motor, designed with a special drive shaft, seal and bearings. They are cooled and lubricated by the hydraulic oil and can be left to run dry without damage. Hydraulic pump performance is impressive relative to their size and weight. They provide heads of 82 – 105 ft and outputs of 222 – 507 gal/min.

The two inch submersible water pump can handle stones and debris of up to 3/8 of an inch. It’s an ideal all-round pump for municipalities, rescue services , water and waste utilities. Other uses include general construction and road services/maintenance work.

Features & benefits

  • Spark proof motor
  • Can run dry
  • Including 10 m discharge hose with quick coupling

Pumping of clean or contaminated water and slurry:

  • On building sites
  • In flooded excavation
  • In cellars
  • In wells


Weight (rounded) lb 24
Width in 9
Oil flow gpm 5
Working pressure psi 1450
Max pressure psi 2,320
Pump head max ft 82
Pump flow max gpm 222
Discharge in 2
Solids handling up to: in 3/8
EHTMA class C
Part number 1806 1014 34

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The Duke Company can assist you with your construction needs. We offer expert advice from our highly rated customer service. Furthermore, we offer the best values and fast delivery.



Or call the  Duke Company at:

585-292-9870  (Rochester NY)

607-347-4455  (Ithaca NY)

(585) 335-5970 (Dansville NY)

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