The Duke Company offers the Doka Frami Xlife: a Complete Cost Savings System

The Duke Company now caries Frami Xlife by Doka. Frami Xlife is known by professionals as a Complete Cost Savings System. It is known for high-performance, safety and workplace accessories.

The panels are lightweight and easy to handle. They can be quickly erected with or without a crane. Its modular design accommodates a variety of job site conditions.

The Duke Company can assist you with your construction needs. We offer expert advice from our highly rated customer service. Furthermore, we offer the best values and fast delivery.

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The Doka Frami Xlife is a complete cost savings system.

It lowers handset labor costs thanks to lightning fast assembly

  • 80% fewer connections with only 3 clamps per 9ft. panel
  • 75% fewer ties with only two ties for a 9ft. high pour, up to 13.5sq.ft. per tie
  • Uses the lightest fastest clamp – only 2.6 lbs. and it goes on with one hand
  • No wood walers are required
  • Switching to gang forming at any time
  • The strong system allows
    • Gang forming with no additional hardware
    • Lifting core units with one crane pick
    • Cover 100% of the jobsite with one system
  • Hinged and adjustable pilaster forms
  • The Framax Stripping corner attaches and creating the fastest strip possible for cores
  • Fillers are available in 6″ increments plus 2″, 1 ½” and 1″ steel fillers
  • Columns are formed with universal panels up to 36″ – only one panel size for the whole job
  • Eliminate various required filler sizes and saves time and labor in storing, sorting and finding specific width panels
modular design
  • The clever modular design offers an unlimited number of combinations, respective of both width and height. Panels can  be used upright or horizontally. The 6’’ increment and the steel fillers (2″, 1 ½”, 1″) offer great adaptability of the formwork.
  • Work is simplified and speed increased by the fact that the panel width and height are designed to always give you a continuous panel joint.
  • Frami accommodates typical low height forming. It’s easy to set by hand and tough enough to be moved in gang by a crane.
Useful Information for Doka Frami Xlife:

Foundation formwork Frami Xlife

Circular formwork Frami Xlife

Frami lifting hook (1999 models onward)

Frami transport hook 2009 models onward

Frami lifting operating instructions

We also carry American Rock Salt in wholesale/bulk, bag or pallet. The winter season is not quite over. 
  • Comprised of 100% natural Sodium Chloride (NaCL).
  • Also known as Halite and Road Salt, is part of the inorganic salt chemical family.
  • Crystalline solid is white and off-white, and has no odor.
  • Safety note:   American Rock Salt complies with the Toxic Substance Control Act.
  • Use common sense when handling Rock Salt & Road Salt by wearing eye
    protection, breathing protection and avoid contact with your skin.
  • While naturally occurring, Rock Salt should NOT be ingested.
  • To avoid caking, store Rock Salt in a dry area with less than 75% humidity.
  • 100% mined in the USA at the American Rock Salt mine located in Hampton Corners, south of Rochester New York.

Download Helpful Product Information: 

MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet for Rock Salt Bag

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