The Duke Company is proud to carry SpecChem products including SC Precision Grout. SC Precision Grout is a Non-shrink, non-metallic precision grout. SC PRECISION GROUT is a non-shrink, non-metallic, high-flow, cement-based grout. SC PRECISION GROUT is formulated for a wide variety of grouting applications, from plastic to fluid through a controlled, positive expansion. Designed to provide effective load bearing for high flow precision grouting applications.

SC PRECISION GROUT is an ideal product for interior or exterior grouting of architectural and structural precast concrete components, structural column base plates, machinery bases, anchoring bolts, cable anchorages, dowels, bearing pads, keyway joints, crane rails etc. SC PRECISION GROUT is used in power plants, steel mills, paper mills, oil refineries, food plants, sewage and water treatment plants or anywhere a high quality engineered grout is required.


  • High flow/High early compressive strength capability
  • Minimize project downtime
  • Controlled positive expansion for maximum effective bearing
  • Non-metallic / non-corrosive
  • Pourable / pumpable versatility
  • Excellent freeze / thaw resistance
  • Can be extended with pea stone for deep applications
  • Resistant to thermal shock




The Duke Company can assist you with all your construction needs. We offer expert advice from our highly rated customer service. Furthermore, we offer the best values and fast delivery. For exceptional customer service & the fastest delivery in Upstate New York, call us for a prompt rental quote.


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Preparation: Remove all dirt, oil, and loose or foreign material. Any metal in contact with grout must be free of rust, oil, grease, and other foreign matter which would limit bond. Concrete surface must be sound and roughened to insure proper bonding. Prior to placing grout, surface must be saturated surface dry (SSD), if possible for an hour. Remove all excess water before placement of grout. Bolts, base plates and equipment must be secure and rigid before placement of grout. All materials and surfaces in contact with the grout should be conditioned between 50°- 80°F for proper performance. Provide heating or cooling, as necessary, to compensate for temperature extremes and changes in cure time Forms: Allow for the continuous placement of grout. Provisions for venting to avoid air entrapment must be made. Placing from one side, provide a 45o angle in the forms to a height suitable to provide a head of grout during placement. On all sides, provide a minimum 1” (2.54 cm) horizontal clearance between the base plate and forms. Forms should be at least 1” (2.54 cm) higher than the bottom of the base plate. Mixing: Small quantities of grout may be hand mixed in a concrete mixing pan until lump free. For large quantities and continuous pours, mix using a mortar mixer with rubber tipped blades or appropriate grout pump for a minimum
of 5 minutes. Start with minimum water requirements.

Always add water to mixer first, then slowly add powder. Use only the amount of water required for the desired placement consistency. Mix in two steps: Add 2/3 of the water, add grout, after partial mixing add the remaining 1/3 of the water for desired consistency. Thoroughly mix total quantity for an additional 2 to 3 minutes. Do not mix more than can be placed before in 40 minutes. Placing: Place continuously and quickly. Start from one side to avoid air entrapment. Be sure grout fills spaces and remains in contact with plate. DO NOT VIBRATE.

A minimum of 1” (2.48 cm) vertical clearance should be maintained for base plate grouting applications. Thinner vertical clearances may require the use of another type of grout. Curing: Immediately cover with clean, wet rags and keep moist until final set. After final set, remove rags and apply an ASTM-C-309 curing compound, such as SpecChem Cure & Seal 25 or SpecChem Cure & Seal 25 WB. Special Conditions:

Deep application: Pre-washed and graded 3/8” (1 cm) pea gravel should be used in large applications (greater than 1’ x 1’) and thicker than 3” (7.62 cm) as follows: 3”-5” (7.62-12.7 cm): Add 25% of 3/8” (1 cm) pea gravel per 50 lb bag of grout. 5” (12.7 cm) and over: Add 50% of 3/8” (1 cm)
pea gravel per 50 lb bag of grout. Place in 6” lifts with proper reinforcement

Hot weather conditions: Accelerates setting time and causes premature drying of the grout. Keep the grout cool. Store unopened bags in the shade. Provide shade for area to be grouted. Use cool or chilled mixing water. Protect grout from direct sun exposure for up to 24 hours after grouting. For additional information, refer to ACI 305 (Recommended Practices for Hot Weather Concreting).

Cold weather conditions: Retards strength gain and set time. Warm the grout above 50°F. Raise the temperature of the area to be grouted with space heaters or steam. Warm the mixing water. Cover and insulate the grout to retain warmth. The minimum temperature (ambient, substrate, and grout) for grouting is 40o F (5oC) unless special provision are followed. For additional information, refer to
ACI 306 (Recommended Practices for Cold Weather Concreting)

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50 lb (22.7Kg) multiple plastic lined bag will yield approximately 0.45 cu. ft. in a fluid condition. 50% by weight extension (25 lbs) of 3/8” pea stone will yield approximately 0.59 cu. ft.

The Duke Company
 can assist you with your construction needs. We offer expert advice from our highly rated customer service. Furthermore, we offer the best values and fast delivery.


Quote for Rock Salt & Packaged Ice Melts from the Duke Company         

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