Looking to rent the highly capable Toro Dingo versatile, utility loader in Rochester NY, Ithaca NY and Western New York?  Wondering what is the full range of attachments to put this highly capable machine to work?

The Duke Company proudly carries the Toro Dingo products and attachments which are widely respected by tool rental customers.  The Dingo is renown for:

  • Vastly improving productivity.
  • Ability to work in confined spaces.
  • Having an extremely small footprint.
  • An extremely wide range of attachments for professional jobs from A to Z.
  • High quality and precision engineering.

Wondering what you can do with the Toro Dingo?  The extensive range of attachments can assist you in performing a wide range of jobs including snow removal, stump grinding, digging a trench, moving materials and more.  The complete range of attachments manufactured for the Toro Dingo include:

Please note, not all rental products may be available at all times.  We frequently update our tool rental and construction equipment rental inventory to best server our customers.

Our team of rental experts would be glad to assist you with expert advice on rental equipment and a wide range of construction & landscaping projects.