Buy used Ground Heaters in Rochester NY, Ithaca NY, New York, the United States and World-Wide.

We proudly carry late model, used ground heaters from leading manufacturers – DryAir, Ground Heater, Heat King –  including:

  • Used 290,000 BTU Ground Thawing Heaters
  • Used 436,000 BTU Ground Thawing Heater
  • Used 625,000 BTU Ground Thawing Heater

Used Equipment Financing

The Duke Company is proud to offer used equipment financing through Quail Financial Solutions, a leading heavy equipment financing company.

To submit a secure application for used equipment financing directly to Quail Financial Solutions, click here.

Looking to buy from a reputable company?

The Duke Company proudly offers a full line of late model, used equipment, maintained to the Duke Company standards.  We have proudly earned a reputation as a leading construction equipment rental and equipment rental company through-out New York.  We have a long list of satisfied customers that note that our used equipment sales department is one of the most professional, trustworthy and responsive that they have ever worked with.

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Steve Chait:

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To view our used equipment listed in online auctions, click below:

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