ADA Replaceable Wet Set Tile 2 Foot x 4 Foot Grey – ADA Solutions

ADA Replaceable Wet Set Tile 2 Foot x 4 Foot Grey – ADA Solutions

ADA Replaceable Wet Set Tile 2 Foot x 4 Foot Grey - ADA Solutions

Looking to buy ADA Replaceable Wet Set Tile, 2 Foot x 4 Foot – Grey, manufactured by ADA Solutions in Rochester NY, Ithaca NY and Western NY?

At the Duke Company, we have proudly earned an A+ reputation for customer service and we are glad to provide pick-up and delivery services, along with expert project advice for ADA tile selection and installation.

ADA cast in place tile complies with the American Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG), and is used for new construction purchases.  The application involves pressing the ADA Cast In Place tile directly into fresh concrete.

Notably, the tiles have a .25 inch thickness and have ribs every three inches throughout the entire surface.  The tiles are manufactured with a durable plastic coating for the entire surface.

Looking to rent equipment to accompany your professional job?

Our team is available to assist you with rental equipment to accompany the installation:

Download Helpful Information:

ADA Tile Product Data Sheet for Cast in Place Tactile Tile Inline Dome Pattern- Tactile Warning Surface

Installation Guidelines for ADA Cast-In-Place Tile tactIle Procedure

ADA Detectable Warning Surfaces for Pedestrian Crossings – Cast in Place Tactile Product Catalog


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